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I Saw Myself Sleeping: Was it an Astral Projection?

Directly in front of my room’s door is the window facing the path way where our neighbors incessantly pass back and forth. Their gaudy chats and footsteps made me awake in the midst of the day. When I opened my eyes, I can barely see the light from the wooden jalousie which was shaded with shadows of the passers by. I tried to grab the switch beside the doorway but I wasn’t able to turn the light on.

The fluorescent lamp on that room was not integrally part of the house’s electrical system. My uncle installed it by running an insulated wire from an outlet (connected using a plug) to the bulb and he mounted a switch midway (beside the doorway and right above the headboard) for easier on-and-off access. So, I checked if the wire was plugged properly at the outlet near the bed’s footboard across the room.

Halfway to the other side of the room, I inadvertently glanced to the mattress and I saw a guy lying on the same side of the bed and using the same pillow I used prior. The curiosity of knowing the man overthrew my will to turn the light on. So I changed direction and pointed my footsteps to the man sleeping. It was dark so I wasn’t able to recognize him by simply looking. I hesitantly hover over his face closely and guess who I found…Oh My God! I saw myself sleeping!

I cannot describe what actually happened next to that. The darkness made it absolutely ambiguous. I scarcely see a thing and was conquered with extreme emotion, fear.

I felt my legs becoming too stiff to control with an unusual numbness. I wasn’t sure if it was my body’s normal reaction to fear or a struggle for me to get awake. My hands are gripping tightly on the bed sheet to which I almost tore it into pieces. I swung by body left to right as if I am trying to break away. While doing the struggles, I did not forget to pray.

I remained in such state for minutes until I finally got awake for the second time. I immediately grabbed the plug near the footboard and plugged it on. After few blinks, the fluorescent lamp shimmered light in the room exposing its corners. I then felt my cold sweats dripping slowly in my face.

I was alone that time since my uncles are on their day job duties while I am on a night shift. It was passed twelve noon so I got back to sleep (reluctantly) and this time, with lights on.

I experience this weird and eerie encounter twice last year, 2011. When I was a kid, 7 to 11 years old, I frequently saw myself sleeping and I traveled as far as the galaxies. The final stage of this travel was seeing nothing but a total darkness and then I struggled to wake myself. It became less recurrent when I was in high school and with very few experiences in college.

I am now 24 and it is an extreme enigma for me why it occurred again. When I opened these stories to my friends, they say it was an astral travel.


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