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Where to Buy Discounted Hong Kong Attraction Tickets or Passes

It is unwise to spend all your travel budget. Likewise, spending more than what you allocated for the trip is a total nightmare. The worst is, if you swipe your credit card for unplanned expenses while away from home. When you travel, every savings count. It will not only let you escape from imminent financial downturn, but will help you fund your upcoming adventures as well. Hence, getting few dollar slashes from Read more

Docked at Pandanon Island

It was azure at first. But as we approached the shallow water of Pandanon Island, the tint of the water slowly turned viridescent. We all witnessed how the water gradually shifted from all the shades in between blue and green. The squeaky-clean sea makes the corals 10 feet below pretty evident. And as the corally feature morphed to sand, the 6-feet looked more like a knee deep. Pandanon island, by Read more

Malumpati Health Spring

Sleepy and tired, I endured Cebu’s interminable, Friday gridlock. My flight was 10PM, and getting through the slow-moving traffic requires a lot of perseverance, though I wasn’t the one driving. However, instead of getting upset, I thought of the beautiful adventure that awaits at the other end of that journey. I arrived in Kalibo as scheduled. However, trips for Antique were no longer available. Hence, I stayed in the city, Read more

The Plaza Hotel, stunning at night

The grueling weekday routine could be stressful. Moving back and forth from the office to home is even worse. You may bump some random sulky strangers, exchange some heated useless arguments, or got stuck in an unending gridlock. These stuff make me rather impulsive to look for quick weekend getaway, a location distant enough from the toxic metro. Before the most desired toodle-oo on the week’s terminal hours, I scanned Read more

Speaking for myself, under normal circumstances, nothing is lazier than waking up in a dawn chill. Pulling yourself up is one hard thing to do, and dragging your indolent body to the shower room could be pretty demanding—unless you have one good, convincing reason to hasten the process. When I finally came to my senses, I suddenly feel the urge to rush everything out. I barely had an hour to Read more

Kenwood Travel Six Senses

Our daily routines could be demanding sometimes. We wake up every morning to get to work, deal with different type of people along the way, and then return home at nightfall. The following day, we wrap ourselves in office attire again, and then do the same thing. It is a stressful cycle. That is why, we want to breakaway sometimes. We travel see the world at different vantage points and refresh Read more

The modern day Siem Reap, a home to 9th-century temples, is an archaeological haven. Antique enthusiasts flock to this humble yet vibrant city to witness the grandeur it once have. Though all that are left are empty structures and rubbles, people from around the world are still interested and curious. Some scholars said that secrets lurk on every walls and corners of the temples in Siem Reap. The construction techniques Read more