How to Sync Your Facebook Contacts to Your iPod Touch and iPhone

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Are you in trouble collecting collecting email information and contact photos for your iDevice (iPod, iPhone, etc.) address book? Try syncing your contacts with your Facebook account. I am sure your friends will not let that profile photo field blank. Your iDevice will download Facebook profile photo thumbnail once a contact in your address book matches to a profile in your Facebook contacts. So make sure to use real names (which are mostly used in Facebook profiles) in your address book.

To sync Facebook contacts, you must have a the official Facebook application installed in your iDevice. The app is available for download for free in App Store.

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open and sign-in to the application.
  2. In the application’s home page, press menu key then choose Friends.
  3. You’ll be directed to your contacts page and choose the options/share button (the arrow on the upper right).
  4. Select Sync Contacts in the selection bar.
  5. Turn Syncing and Replace Photos On.
  6. A new window will open and select Sync Contacts.
  7. Wait until Facebook is done syncing and downloading profile thumbnails.
  8. Check you contacts to see the changes. You may check the screenshot below for guidance.

Sync Facebook Contacts with Ipod and Iphone

If you are using iOS 6.0 or higher, syncing your Facebook contacts is a lot easier. Go to Settings >> Facebook then select Sync Contacts or Update Contacts.

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