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Do you have a blogger domain and want to customized it to a shorter and easy to remember domain names? This would be a great help for you. See for example you have a domain name i.e. and wanted to customized it to then check the procedures below.
Before starting, please make sure you register to and you have an active blog in blogger.
1. After signing, check for your desired domain and click for its availability registration
2. If it is available, proceed by clicking “continue registration”. if not, go back to step 1 and search for available domains or you may choose from the free domain options that the website will present. Registration (continuation)
Registration (continuation)
3. You are now ready to st up your domain domain setup
Setting up Domain domain setup
Setting up Domain
4. Now you are ready to create you new domain for your blogspot or blogger. Choose by ticking zone records. Fill up HOST with your desired domain name (i.e. or simply www cause the site will fill it with the domain you registered. Leave TTL with 1D, choose CNAME for the type and type for the value. DNS Setup
DNS Setup
5. Proceed to your blogger account settings and click on publishing tab under setting tab and then click custom domain.
blogger domain customization
Blogger Domain Customization
6. Click switch to advance settings as shown in the screenshot below
blogger domain customization setting
Blogger domain customization setting
7. Type your domain name the YOUR DOMAIN field with the domain you set-up from step 1-4. Make sure to type the word verification before clicking SAVE SETTINGS. You may also tick the redirect box.
Blogger domain customization setting completion
Blogger domain customization setting completion
You are now done. Please remember that the changes may take effect after 48 hours. It is worth a wait. Enjoy your new blogger domain.

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