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Trending Today

Today is Valentines day and I am expecting that the most special day for those in-love, couples, and lovers will be on the top. Look what trends on twitter – #IfYouAreSingle, which is clearly taking for those who are loveless. In what you could enjoy today if you are indeed, single? Maybe that is the question of most of the tweet buzzers.

Valentines day just come second with #ollyvday hashtag. Our gay citizens are also active tweeting and consider this day as Fag day (hashtag #fagday comes third)

Trending Twitter on February.14.2012
Valentines Trending on Twitter #IfYouAreSingle
#IfYouAreSingle is Trending on Twitter on Valentines Day

on Yahoo!, the mother of the award-winning singer, Whitney Houston is up at number 1 as the most searched individual on Yahoo! worldwide. The US$336 Million Powerball winner was the most search topic or news and come second overall.

Yahoo! Trending Worldwide

As as expected, Valentines Day will be on top of the Philippine search and Pauleen, the rumored lover of the famous Vic Sotto come second.

Trending on Yahoo! Philippines February_14.2012
February, 14 2012 Trending on Yahoo! Philippines

On History:

February 14 of around 270 to 278 A.D., Valentine (now Saint Valentine), a priest in Rome the reign of Emperor Claudius II (Claudius the Cruel), was beheaded because of his defiance against Claudius orders to ban all marriages.

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