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Singapore is high on the list of many people’s must-see destinations. Little wonder too. Singapore manages to capture the traditional and the modern in a truly unique way. If you are eager to learn more about Singapore and what you can do on your travels, you are certainly in the right place. There are some unique experiences that you will be able to do in Singapore. This is quite unlike anywhere else in the world.

Singapore skyline by Nicolas Lannuzel, on Flickr
Singapore skyline by Nicolas Lannuzel, on Flickr

Singapore: Essential Information

Singapore is a thriving state. The city is a bustling cosmopolitan town. The skyscrapers against the night sky make for an arresting sight. It is a prosperous place and something of an economic hub. The country is quaint and beautiful. The charm of the countryside is counteracted with the busy commercial cities. It is a place like no other.

You do need to bear in mind that the Singapore government is well known for having harsh controls on its citizens. This applies to tourists too. There is a certain standard that you are expected to uphold. Moral decency is a must. Just bear in mind, this is not a Magaluf kind of holiday and you will be fine. As seasoned travellers, you will not have a problem.

Distinct laws are in place such as public nudity and drugs. However, you do need to bear in mind that you cannot bring chewing gum into the country. Jaywalking also carries harsh penalties. This is subject to fines and punishment. The laws may be strict, but they are laws of the country. Adhere to them.

Things to See and Do

Singapore Zoo is a great place to visit with families. The Botanic Gardens are a must for any flora and fauna fan. The nature that you are surrounded by is unlike anywhere else in the world. Take it all in. the night safari will allow you to get up close and personal with tapirs and other wildlife. For animal fans, this is the best place on earth. Take a look at Citibank promo in so that you can travel around with ease.

Buddhist temples are all around you. These are nothing short of stunning. They truly make you feel like you are in another land. Do not miss out on seeing these temples. They are open to visitors all year round. Do be respectful when you are visiting. These temples are still in use.

Pulau Hantu is a must for those who love to island hop. The island is off the coast of Singapore and is nothing short of beautiful. The calm ocean and glorious beaches are a sight to behold. Take a boat to the island see for yourself. The island is both peaceful and idyllic. For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this provides the perfect getaway. You can go snorkelling and explore the marine wildlife. This is a popular pastime on the island.

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Singapore is a must for any intrepid traveller. With so much to see and do, how could you not want to visit?

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