Spending some romantic moments at Echo Valley (Baw-eng), Sagada
Spending some romantic moments at Echo Valley (Baw-eng)

Five of the Best Honeymoon Destinations

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Your honeymoon is likely to be the most special, memorable, and possibly expensive holiday that you ever take, so it’s important to choose your destination carefully. Take a look of some of the most popular options for honeymoons and see what type of trip tickles your fancy!

For Romance 
Could anything be more romantic than a honeymoon to one of the coral islands of the Seychelles? Fine, white sand beaches are perfect for strolling on, barefoot and hand in hand, and the secluded nature of Seychelles resorts means that you’ll have the privacy that you’re sure to crave as newlyweds.

Snorkel in crystal clear waters, dine under the stars and explore the lush landscapes together for a floating on cloud nine honeymoon experience.

By the way, if you still planning for your wedding, one of the best options we recommend is Puerto Vallarta destination weddings.

For Luxury
If it’s glamorous luxury that you want on honeymoon, the sophisticated Caribbean islands of Barbados and The Grenadines offer the highest of high end holidays. More social types who love to enjoy a hot and heady nightlife should head for Barbados, whereas those looking for quiet seclusion should choose The Grenadines.

Both these tropical island paradises are popular with celebrities, and the exclusive restaurants and luxury accommodation on offer make it easy to see exactly why.

For Relaxation
The exquisite island of Mauritius, off the coast of Africa, is the perfect place for rest, relaxation and pampering. Wedding planning can be stressful, and the big day, no matter how idyllic, can be exhausting – recharge your batteries in Mauritius with top to toe indulgence.

Many of the luxurious Mauritius resorts have their own spa, so be sure to book in some couples treatments to enjoy together. A couple’s massage can be a heavenly experience that is sure to get you in the romantic mood.

For Adventure
Adventurous couples could combine a relaxing stay in Mauritius with an African safari adventure, for an extra memorable twin centre honeymoon. Head to South Africa to see the ‘big five’ (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino) for an amazing experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Of course, you can still enjoy honeymoon luxury while on your African adventure, with a fantastic choice of luxurious boutique hotels close to the safari action. Be sure to indulge in a glass or two of South African fine wine together, while looking out over the stunning landscape.

For Excitement
Perhaps you’re not the type to sit back and relax, and want a little more excitement on your honeymoon? If so, why not consider the sunshine state of Florida as an amazingly versatile destination? Ride the roller coasters of Orlando, dance the night away in Miami, explore the Gulf Coast or enjoy fishing, snorkeling,  and water-sports at the Florida Keys – when you choose a fly drive holiday the Sunshine State is your oyster!

Getting the destination right is a big part of realising the dream honeymoon that you deserve. Spend some time discussing your options and coming to an agreement that you’re both happy with, then relax in anticipation of the best holiday you’re ever likely to take!

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