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Travelling abroad? Here are the list of countries which Filipinos can enter visa-free (without visa), or apply a visa or entry permit upon arrival. Note that some countries that issue visa on arrival may require special or additional requirements, so you must contact the embassy first prior to travelling.

If you are holder of major foreign visas such as the US, UK, Shenzhen visas, etc, you may have the privilege to enter some countries that waive their primary entry requirements if you can show those valid visas. Pre-entry registration may be required.

Visa-free Entry

[custom_table style=”1″]
Country Length of Stay
Brunei 14 days
Cambodia 21 days
China (Hainan province only) 21 days
Hong Kong (except for Official and Diplomatic passport holders) 14 days
Indonesia 30 days
Israel 90 days
Laos 30 days
Macau 30 days
Malaysia 30 days
Mongolia 21 days
Myanmar 14 days
Palestine 14 days
Singapore 30 days
South Korea (Jeju Island only) 30 days
Taiwan (Starting Nov. 01, 2017) 14 days
Thailand 30 days
Vietnam 21 days
Central African Republic 7 days
Eritrea 30 days
Gambia (must obtain an entry clearance from the Gambian Immigration prior to travel) 90 days
Mauritius 60 days
Morocco 90 days
Americas (North & South)
Brazil 90 days
Bolivia 90 days
Colombia 180 days
Costa Rica 30 days
Dominica 21 days
Ecuador 90 days
Haiti 90 days
Montserrat 90 days
Panama 180 days
Peru 90 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 30 days
Suriname 90 days
Turks and Caicos Island 30 days
Australia and Oceania
Cook Islands 31 days
Fiji 120 days
Micronesia 30 days
Nieu 30 days
Pitcairn Islands 14 days

Visa on Arrival

Here is the list of countries that offer visa or entry permit upon arrival for Filipinos. Please note that not all port of entries offer such privilege so you have to contact the embassy first to gather such information. Check for additional requirements too.
[custom_table style=”1″]

Country Fee Length of Stay
Armenia  US$10/40 21/120 days
Georgia  GEL50 (90 days, single entry); GEL100 for a 360 days, multiple entry 90/360 days
India  US$60 (obtainable at New Delhi and Mumbai airports only) 30 days
Iran  US$30 15 days
Maldives  Free 30 days
Nepal  US$25/40/100 15/30/90 days
Sri Lanka  US$35 (Online registration available for US$30) 30 days
Tajikistan  US$77 45 days
Timor-Leste  US$30 30 days
Burundi  US$40 (obtainable at Bujumbura International Airport) 30 days
Cape Verde  EUR40 90 days
Comoros  (no data) 21 days
Djibouti  10 days visa issued upon arrival for DJF3,000; 30 days visa issued upon arrival for DJF5,000 1 month
Guinea-Bissau  US$60 45 days
Madagascar  MGA140,000 90 days
Mali  CFA15,000 30 days
Mozambique  US$25 30 days
Saint Helena  Fee depends on your length of stay (arrives through RMS St. Helena)  –
Seychelles  Free (*visitors pemit issued upon arrival) 30 days
Tanzania  US$50 90 days
Togo  XOF35,000 7 days
Uganda  US$50 180 days
Zambia  US$50 90 days
Americas (North and South)
Nicaragua  (no info, contact the embassy)  –
Saint Lucia  US$50 42 day
Australia and Oceania
Marshall Islands  US$25 90 days
Palau  Free (must show return/onward ticket) 30 days
Samoa  Free (*entry permit is issued upon arrival) 60 days
Tuvalu  Free (must show return/onward ticket) 30 days
Vanuatu  Free (must show return/onward ticket) 30 days

Visa-free Entry under Special Conditions

Moreover, there are countries that offer visa-free entries for Filipinos who possess foreign visas and/or foreign residency under particular conditions or pre-entry registration. Contact the embassy of the country you wanted to visit for more information.

[custom_table style=”1″]
Country Condition Length of Stay
Andorra / Europe Visa is not required but is accessible only via Spain or France that require Shenzhen visa 30 days
Anguilla / North America Free entry for valid United Kingdom visa holders 30 days
Aruba / North America Free entry for permanent residents of Canada, UK, USA,and EU member states 30 days
Ethiopia / Africa Visa can be issued upon arrival if holding proof of residence in Australia, Canada, Japan, EU countries, UK, US, and other countries identified my Ethiopia 30 days
Bahamas / North America Free entry for permanent residents of Canada and the US 30 days
Taiwan / Asia Taiwanese visa not required if holding a valid visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Shenzhen countries, United Kingdom or United States 30 days
  1. The list is for quick reference only.
  2. Note that Visa policies of these countries change from time to time so please contact the embassy of the country you wish to visit for the complete requirements, visa coverage and validity, and the current fees prior to your actual travel.

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