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7 Fun Attractions You Must Visit in Singapore

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Singapore is a great destination for fun activities. There are numerous natural sites, as well as, incredible man-made innovations that make awesome attractions for those who love some fun. Moreover, there are world-class hotels where you can have sumptuous meals while you relax in luxurious accommodation. Singapore has a highly developed infrastructure making sure you can travel easily. Of importance to note, you must get a visa before visiting the city-state. To get all your travel documents without problems, seek the services of Visa Express Agents who are reliable and accessible.

So, what are some of the fun attractions that you cannot miss while in Singapore? Read on for more information.

1. Singapore Flyer

This is a giant wheel that rotates at a slow pace. It offers adventure lovers a chance to get above the city skyline and have a bird’s eye view of the city-state. Atop the Singapore Flyer, you will enjoy panoramic views of the ocean, the heart of the city, and the Marina Bay. The trips last about thirty minutes and take place during day and night. You can choose between standard cars or opt for special tickets that come with champagne or cocktails. There are also special services like dinner or event services for those who wish to celebrate special events such as an engagement. The Flyer is operational between 8:30AM and 10:15PM, with tickets going at varying rates depending on the packages.

2. Night Safari

This is part of the Singapore Zoo and is the only zoo to allow for a nocturnal wildlife experience. You can visit over 2500 animals found in night-time habitats. The main captivating feature of the night safari is the guided tour across seven varying geographical ecosystems from equatorial Africa, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia. There are walking paths that bring the visitor to close interaction with the nocturnal animals including flying squirrels, leopards, and others. The park opens doors for visitors at 7:15PM ’till midnight daily, though restaurants and such facilities open earlier at 5:30PM.

3. Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is also popularly called Tiger Balm Gardens. It is no ordinary amusement park but one that has delicately carved representations of Chinese mythology scenes. The place has over 1000 sculptures on display. Some of the famous scenes depicted here include “10 Courts of Hell” and “Journey to the West.” The park offers a good look into the Chinese heritage among the Singaporeans. The Haw Par Villa is situated at 262, Pasir Panjang Road, and is open for visitors between 9am and 6pm. There are guided tours available. Entry to the park is free.

4. National Gallery

The National Gallery offers artistic and architectural attractions. First, have a look at the great assortment of Southeast Asia art that covers over three centuries. Then, tour two national monuments – the former Supreme Court, and the City Hall, which formerly occupied the buildings that host the gallery nowadays. The National Gallery is situated above the MRT City Hall station. It is open daily at 10am, and closes at 7pm on weekdays and 10pm on weekends. The entry tickets prices are based on age and residency status.

5. Gardens by the Bay and Merlion

You get a feel of nature at Gardens by Bay as you interact with the many plants and tree species at the Flower Dome. The center of attraction at Gardens by Bay are the 18 trees that show a remarkable blend of science and nature as solar energy is tapped to power the great attractions below. It also exhibits the tallest indoor waterfall on the globe.

The famous Merlion sculpture is a stone’s throw away. It is a sculpture made with the tail of a fish and the head of a lion. It is said to symbolize the identity of the city. The Supertrees stand tall at Gardens by the Bay, across from the Marina Bay Sands. Walking among the trees is free, but there are charges for additional access options. Across the park, about 15 minutes away, there is the Merlion Park and entry is free.

6. Bubble Soccer

Head to the Bubble Soccer Singapore with a group of friends for a session of this ridiculous, but funny, exercise. Each player puts on a bubble suit which consists of a clear ball worn over the head and shoulders. The activity is a great bonding activity that can give you plenty of exercise. The game is played daily at their facility situated at 2, Whitley Road. Interested persons can also make arrangements to have the game elsewhere. The charges vary.

7. Singapore Botanic Gardens

These gardens feature a wide variety of plants. The famous orchid gardens are a manifestation of the blooming effect of the tropical climate due to the dense plantation. There is the rainforest garden, the ginger garden, and the healing garden where plants used in natural cures are grown. The gardens are also open to pets, hence nearby residents take their dogs for evening walks there, among the banyan trees. Singapore Symphony Orchestra performs on weekends in the garden. The Botanic Gardens are accessible from 5:00AM till midnight every day. However, the orchid gardens can only be toured between 8:30AM and 7:00PM.

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