Youtube is Shutting Down on Fools Day after 8 years?

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Youtube went online with the first video posted on April 23, 2005. It received $11.5 million technology startup funding from Sequoia Capital in November of the same year then acquired by Google for $1.65 billion in October of 2006. The site is the home of millions of videos of different themes with millions of viewers. Its domain, currently ranked number 3 worldwide just behind Google and Facebook.

This is completely a bad news.

But why would Youtube announce to shutdown on the midnight of April first? After eight long years of success stories, like ordinary individuals rising to fame because of the videos that became viral, Youtube decided to delete all its contents.

In the official video posted in the site Yesterday, March 31, 2013, Tim Liston, Youtube’s competition director, announced that Youtube will be closing down and will start the process of selecting the best Youtube video.

Over 30,000 technicians worked to narrow down all the YouTube submissions that have been uploaded over the past eight years. The judges will then spend the next decade discussing which video should ultimately win. And in 2023, the site will go back online declaring the winner.

Will people still remember Youtube in 2023?

But there is always a good news after the sad story. The video is the biggest prank on the fools’ day.

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