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I am a technical writer, and MS Word is one of the tools I am using in my job. Since I don’t always bring a laptop with me, I look for an Android app which I can use for my HTC in case there are urgent edits or revisions in my work. I tried Polaris Office, but, aside from the bulk in app size which cannot be moved to SD storage, it has limited editing features and does not support PowerPoint. So I uninstalled the app.

I tried looking for similar app and then I found Documents To Go, but it was a failure when I found out that the free version offers only viewing of MS Office files and there are lot of irritating adds. Definitely, I won’t pay PhP655.89 for the key to unlock the edit features- and, I only use this very seldom. So it ended with the same fate with Polaris app.

Other like apps on the android market received very low user ratings so I will not waste time and data to install these apps then eventually uninstall later.

Until I found Kingsoft Office, with a high 4.4 out of 5.0 rating on android market, I installed the app. The app can be moved to SD storage which means more space for internal storage especially for a low-memory phone like mine. I was surprised with the features to which I can both read and edit .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, and .pptx files. I can view PDF files too (I can now uninstall the Adobe Reader to free more space). The app automatically searches all the compatible files in both your internal and external storage so you wouldn’t have any difficulty locating your files. That’s not all, since you can also create new word and excel documents and its free and ad-free.

Another great feature of Kingsoft Office is that, you have the option to store and retrieve compatible files in cloud storage. Yes! Cloud storage is offered. If you don’t have any cloud storage account, try using Adrive wherein a basic account offers a free 50GB of storage.

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