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Now you may ask; “Is it possible?”, the answer is; the hell yes. But before we start discussing on such possibility let us start understanding 3D technology first.

3D imaging or stereoscopy is a photography technique that presents two 2D offset images combined to give us a 3D perception. 3D films, on the other hand, is presented by two superimposed motion pictures (taken on different perspective) projected onto the same screen through different polarizing filters. 3D glasses are also polarizing filters with left and right filters oriented differently (clockwise and counterclockwise circular polarization). Each filter passes only the light which is similarly polarized and blocks the light polarized differently making the right eye to see a different image compared to the left eye. Our brain will then process the two different images seen by the left and right eye and project it into a single three dimensional picture. The superimposed images should be taken on the same spot but of different perspective. I believe there would be confusion if the two superimposed images are shot on different scenes.

3D Display

Now that you know how important the 3D glasses, should you still believe in viewing 3D films without them? Of course yes…you do have a bright mind. In fact there are solution that are already available in the market now. Panel System, for instance, uses no 3D glasses for viewing 3D films. A thin screen is placed in front of the TV which as the same function as glasses would. It polarizes the images and causes the right and left eye to receive different images then creates a 3D effect without any glasses at all.

Other techniques are lenticular viewing and passive glass system. Lenticular viewing in a TV technology wherein it projects two different images that are picked up by the right eye and the left eye – without having to wear any glasses. The only disadvantage of this technology is that, a viewer has to sit in a very specific spot in front of the TV making it suitable for one person only. Maybe it is the reason why it wasn’t successful on the market.

Lenticular Viewing
Lenticular Viewing

Passive glass system may work more likely as Panel system.

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