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Cloud storage, a virtual storage, is the hottest thing in the storage trends. Without using any hard drive, which is prone to physical damage and thieves, you can store your files and share it with your peers anywhere and anytime provided you have an access to the internet.

Dropbox and Box.net are the famous names in the cloud data storage services. Amazon has Cloud Drive, Apple has iCloud, Microsoft has Skydrive and finally, Google will have “GDrive”.

Google, the company with the most internet-connected servers in the word, will be offering a cloud storage. This will add to the cloud-like storage they have in which Google offers for free for certain type of files. Youtube, for example, stores videos; Picasa can store 1 GB of images; Gmail for 7GB+ of messages;  Google Music for music files; Google Docs for documents; and Google+ for unlimited photo and 15-minute video storage.

Google is expected to offer free basic cloud storage which has bigger capacity than Dropbox’s 2GB. Rumor is 5GB and I hope this will be true. Also, additional fee should be shelled out for an additional cloud space.

Expect Google’s cloud drive “within weeks”.

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