CloudFlare Keeps Your Website Running When Your Host Server is Down

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With all this time, I wasn’t aware of CloudFlare. I was curious as to where a friend’s blog is hosted because I found it loading fast so I checked his records. I found out that he’s name servers (NS) are set to CloudFlare name servers and then I got this question – Is there such a host? Curiosity also leads me to CloudFlare website.

CloudFlare is CDN (Content Delivery Network) company that will help  improve access to the data (website data) it caches by increasing the access bandwidth and redundancy. CloudFlare protects your website data from potential cyber attacks (from hackers suspicious visitors) and spamming. And when you get too popular in the web, which means more visitors, but your host’s bandwidth is limited, CloudFlare will  give you a boost.

But what is important for a blogger like me is to keep my site always up and running. There are instances that web hosts’ servers are down and this will make your site offline. For situations like this, CloudFlare is a great solution. CloudFlare’s Always Online™ feature will keep your site up and accessible by your visitors.

All of these features are covered with CloudFlare’s free plan and you will get a lot more when you pro.

Few of CloudFlare’s offerings are shown below.

Free CDN features by CloudFlare

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