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It is almost a year when rumors spread over the internet that Research In Motion (RIM) is planning to release an Andriod and iOS license for its flagship messaging service, BBM (Blackberry Messenger). October last year, photos showing Blackberry Messenger installed in iPhone and Android Phones were being proliferated among tech blogs, believed to be released by BBM insiders and tipsters. It was also the same month when unofficial announcements were being made that the multi-platform BBM will soon be released in 2012 but are paid aps (through subscription) for non-Blackberry users.

bbm used in android phone
A photo showing BBM used in an Android Phone

However, Forbes recent interview with Peter Misek, a Jefferies (a global securities and investment banking group) analyst, revealed that RIM may suspend or abandon its multi-OS license for its services such as email and social networking apps.

Being known for its exceptional security features, RIM is also said to be working on an enterprise server support solution for both Android and iOS, giving RIM employees not using Blackberry an access to the company’s networks. The plan is not scrapped but is said to be slowed down.

Now if RIM is finally decided to withdraw its plans to release a BBM version that is available across mobile OS, we still have lot of better options left in order for the non-blackberry users connect with their friends hooked on blackberry. eBuddy XMS, WhatsApp Messenger, Kik Messenger, and LiveProfile are just few applications that can rival BBM and at the same time available to most widely used smartphones.

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