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Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Siquijor, Siquijor

When I was a kid, all I heard about Siquijor were tales of sorcery and witchcraft. Thus, even though we were almost a stone-throw away from the island and despite having close relatives residing to one of its growing communities, I never asked my parents to pay a visit. When the child’s mind has become mature and the adventurous genes are getting dominant, those stories have become a weaker hindrance. Read more

Salagdoong Beach in the Town of Maria, Siquijor

I could feel the biting chill as we whisked along the narrow passage to Salagdoong beach. The morning sun was barely peeking through the amalgamation of leaves and branches forming an archway. Passing through the man-made Molave forest felt like royal. According to my habal-habal driver, the man-made forest is 60 years in the making and stretches nearly two kilometers. The forest offers comforting shades and exhibits a relaxing ambiance to Read more

Princesa Bulakna's Kiram Suite

I could see the reefs in the seemingly shallow deep. From a afar is a mangrove-forested shore shielded with a concrete dike. On the other end are few houses overlooking the rock cliffs. Few seconds later, I heard the ships honked, signalling that we are approaching the port. Yes! In few moments, I could finally set foot in Siquijor. I missed the fast craft so I decided to hop on Read more

M's Place Halo-Halo

I’ve been stranded for two days in Siquijor for two days as of this writing. This is all because of tropical depression Seniang which turned into a storm and now, a typhoon. When I had nothing left to do in my 350-peso room near the port, I walked around the town, then I found this snack bar along Caridad Street. I am reluctant to try unfamiliar food houses, however, when I saw Read more