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Big Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan

Palawan, dubbed as Philippines’ last frontier, is probably the country’s most ecologically-diverse, and its most stunning group of islands. One of the reasons that make the province truly a wonder is El Nido, a municipality situated at the main island’s northern tip. It is a host to a conglomeration of imposing islands. White strips adorn the edges of its verdant mounds that are surrounded with perfectly clear, aquamarine waters. The karst massifs, on Read more

Tubbataha Reef: A World Heritage Site

You might be wondering why both Travel+Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler ranked Palawan as the world’s best island in 2013 and 2014 respectively. It wasn’t a recognition they made out of nowhere. It was due the fact that the island, or should I say this group of islands is, indeed, amazing. As a matter of fact, Palawan occupies two spots on UNESCO World Heritage site list and five more are still waiting for Read more

The water was rough one February morning when we visited El Nido‘s Hidden Beach. The waves weren’t cooperative either and the rocks below it were as sharp as newly whetted knives. Out boatman, Captains Jones, advised us not to proceed. Though I am willing to take the risk, as few others did, my companions were reluctant, hence, I agreed to skip it – with regrets, of course. Tapiutan Strait Captain Read more

The Small Lagoon was the final stop of our awesome island hopping tour in El Nido. It is just one of the three lagoons to visit in El Nido‘s Tour A, which are all located in Miniloc Island. The other two are: the Secret Lagoon and the Big Lagoon. The smallest is the Secret Lagoon followed by the Small Lagoon and of course, the Big Lagoon. The Small Lagoon Though Read more

To put the record straight, the 3,000-peso budget excludes my round trip airfare, which I got for ₱1,500 and my expenses and accommodation in Puerto Princesa, which falls on another budgeting category. Expense Summary To give you a quick summary, refer to the following table. I only spent two days in El Nido, so that is probably one of the reasons why I kept my budget at minimum. After landing at Puerto Read more