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Mahabang Buhangin beach of Calaguas is perhaps the most awesome and gorgeous beach in Philippines (with Boracay and Malcapuya trailing behind). Apart from the long strip of fine, powdery, white sand, it also features a luxuriant green backdrop, fresh air, unobstructed lying space for star gazing, squeaky-clean water to swim,  wide beachfront to hangout, and many more. You may have plenty of reasons to see the place, but the effort Read more

How was/is your first love? I guess, he/she was/is the person you could hardly forget the most (if you’re no longer together) or the person that you cherish and love the most (if you both enjoy the married life). Love is at its sweetest if you are each other’s first. I know you can remember well the very detail of your first date, your first kiss, or even your fist Read more

I returned to Calaguas, and I couldn’t wait for my sunburn to heal for me tell you what transpired. Would you know why? Because it was another life-threatening adventure. We sailed in a raging sea again, with waves large enough to consume the precious lives of ours. It may not be as huge as the waves we encountered in Anawangin last January 2013, but still, it did give us the same Read more