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I watched Balitanghali early this afternoon on and I found one irritating comment from one of their twitter followers. The news is about the prenuptial photos proliferating over the internet which were shot at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Several people are sensitive on these since they found it rude and a form of disrespect to the history’s heroes.

Personally, I am not against it, I mean, I see no rude things in the photos…cool when I first saw it. But I am also not in favor of what they did. I am sorry but I am not that sensitive.

Regarding the comment – GMANews asked about the opinions of the public about the photos and what really irritates me was when one follower commented that, “Wala namang masama dun. Karapatan nila yun dahil nasa malayang bansa tayo”. Hello! maybe its is now time to redefine freedom or democracy. Don’t you think that it is the same way when you say that a person can smoke in a public place because it is his right being in a free and democratic country?

In the first place, the place was specified to be RESTRICTED and anything doing against any rules and regulation of a free country DOES NOT DEFINE FREEDOM. Laws were created to limit those rights you knew and maintain territorial order.

Let us now redefine freedom. It is exercising one’s right without going against any defined territorial laws (can be institutional rules and regulations and local government ordinances). It can also be, exercising one’s right without compromising other’s right. Best example of the later definition is- when you consider killing your enemy is your right- in that case you’re taking away your enemy’s right to live.

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