An Abstract Behind the Truth of a Chosen Hero

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Hero Tobe: Dying with this illness means dying in vain.
Friend Ofherotobe: We cannot change God’s plan for us friend. We die the way He wanted us to be.

Hero Tobe: Yes! But he give us mind to choose what we ought to be. I can die like a hero! That’s what I am worth dying for.

Friend Ofherotobe: Our country is in chaos while you’re here, sick and dying.

Hero Tobe: I’m going home! I will die saving the country!

Friend Ofherotobe: You only have three months to live and the doctor said that long travel may shorten that, or worst is, that could kill you on the way.

Hero Tobe: And what do you want me to do? Wait for the day that I die?

Friend Ofherotobe: And what will you do in the country? Lead a revolution? Convince the armed forces to withdraw their loyalty from their commander-in-chief? Or call for a parliamentary session to select a new prime minister?

Look, Feudal Rival has the most numbers in the parliament, no matter how many elections you will hold, you cannot dethrone him.

Why not spend the rest of your days with us, your family and your friends? And if you worry about your wife and children, we are here to provide what they need when your gone.

Hero Tobe: I appreciate your thoughtfulness friend but I really don’t want to die this way. The country will owe me, my wife and my children if I die for them.

In fact, I have already called General Accomplice to execute the plans when I reach the port of entry. This is quick and in a minute, I and my family will receive the entire country’s sympathy.

Friend Ofherotobe: So what’s the plan?

Hero Tobe: He’ll shot me a bullet or he may pay someone to do it!

Friend Ofherotobe: Are you insane?

Hero Tobe: No! I am already dying and killing me today is euthanasia. When I die here, its useless but when I will be killed in my own country, I will be a hero and Feudal Rival will be ousted from the palace. We all know that when I’m murdered, the blame will go to my greatest foe, the prime minister. The wrath of the land will embrace him.

And so…things happened as planned. And the Hero was made.

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