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With the end of 2014 fast approaching it is time to start thinking about what you would do differently in 2015. A fresh start for the new year is the perfect time to start considering what you would like your new year to be like.


For many people seeing more of the world is something that they would like to make happen. People are quick to assume that travelling the globe is an expense that they can’t afford.

Thankfully travel websites such have plenty of help and advice on offer. Here is a list of the best tips I have found online.

Know Your Limits

First of all it you need to be realistic with your travel plans. Travelling on a budget is possible, but if you want to tour the United States on $200 then this probably isn’t going to happen. Start by making list of places you would like to see. You can then work through these to see which you are much more likely to be able to visit in 2015.

Get Organised

Once you have thought about where you might like to go, you need to start making it happen. Essentials for your trip such as travel plans and accommodation often work out cheaper if you book in advance. So as soon as you know when and where you are going you should start to make plans and getting things booked in.


When you are booking if you are able to be a little flexible with days and times then this often means that you will get a cheaper deal too. Play around on booking sites with the details to see how much you can save.

Make The Most of Your Trips

Whether you make one trip in 2014 or visit numerous places you’re going to want to make the most of your time there. The best way to do this is to read travel guides and local event websites before you go. That way you know what you would like to visit while you are there. You can then plan your days while you are there to be packed full of the things you would like to see and do.

This saves you wasting time on your trip trying to look up things to do and deciding how you would like to spend your time away.

What About 2016?

As much as thinking about 2015 is a good idea, there is nothing wrong with thinking even further ahead. If you are thinking of a big trip then planning as far as advance as 2016 could work. Even if you don’t want to start booking and planning things now, having plans pencilled in can work. At the very least you can start to work out a rough budget and start saving now. Long term trips often work out quite costly. By saving money now you can help to make sure that when 2016 comes around you are much better financially prepared. It is never too early to start thinking about a global trip around the world.

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