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Lantaw SRP: An Al Fresco Seaside Dining in Cebu

Lantaw SRP: An Al Fresco Seaside Dining in Cebu

Being reachable only with private cars and taxis, Lantaw SRP isn’t really for everybody. Though perched within a not-so-inviting location, people frequent the place to experience their al fresco dining and taste the sumptuous dishes on their list.

The restaurant made quite a buzz to the city’s working class, and our curious palates told us to try. When we got a chance, we dashed to the restaurant, tagging along our guest.

Open Air Dining Area at Lantaw SRP

Open Air Dining Area adorned with hanging paddle boats

The location isn’t really noticeable, most especially if it’s your first time. In fact, we passed over the place without anyone on board spotting.

Hanging paddle boats adorned the ceiling while a jeepney front creates an impressive centerpiece of the counter. The brand colors are also visible on their furniture.

Lantaw's signature furniture

The restaurant’s signature colors on their furniture made from native materials

Like any other busy restaurants, service would take a while. But 15-20 minutes isn’t too much if you have your eyes busy- it was all thanks to the embellishment!

We tried their crispy pata (not in the photo); the house specialty Cordova express, a seafood version of bicol express; baked scallops; dessert ala modes, etc.

Corodova Express, a sea food version of Bicol Express

Corodova Express, a sea food version of Bicol Express

I was unimpressed with the cordova express. I was expecting thick and creamy dish but all I got was a sloppy stew. It did taste bad anyway so my disappoint was somewhat compensated a bit.

The undying and everyone's favorite, Pinakbet

The undying and everyone’s favorite, Pinakbet

I liked most of what I tried, especially the desserts. I couldn’t exactly tell which was the banana and which was the cassava turon. Both tasted good and the ice cream made a perfect flavor compliment.

The bibingka or rice cake ala mode is also a must-try.

Lanataw SRP's Bibingka (Rice Cake) Ala Mode

Bibingka (Rice Cake) Ala Mode

Lantaw SRP's Banana Turon Ala Mode

Banana Turon Ala Mode

Lantaw SRP's Cassava Turon Ala Mode

Cassava Turon Ala Mode

The four-season drinks are served with fruit bits and the combination did not make an astringent taste, unlike the ones sold in bottles.

Lantaw SRP's Al Fresco dining

Al Fresco dining

Dining at Lantaw SRP

The overall dining experience was just good and slightly remarkable. The downsides, however, were the no-so-energetic waiters and the hard-to-reach location.

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