Author - Ian Limpangog

I'm iAn and I love the white beach, the blue sky, and the green massifs.

Faces of Taft Avenue

April 23, 2011, a Black Saturday but literally it wasn’t. The sun has shone brightly, the roads and the streets were non-congested, and the neighborhood noise had gone low, this was indeed the...

Barangay Bonawon Fiesta 2011

I was home last April 2 to 5, 2011 and these are some of the photos I collected from a poor resolution I Pod Touch 4G cam. After taking this shots, my tech cravings started to climb on the chart of...



Would there be bracing mornings would there be brighter futures would there be just dealings would there be still hopes should there be more sunrise to behold should there be more dreams to hold...


Photos are taken by Collins Nicolaet Domingo using Nikon Coolpix P80 last February 21, 2011 at our department’s gathering.