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April 23, 2011, a Black Saturday but literally it wasn’t. The sun has shone brightly, the roads and the streets were non-congested, and the neighborhood noise had gone low, this was indeed the best day to spend much of my time in bed. However, I wasn’t in the mood the take a nap since I already spent most of my time for it for the past two days. And, that was aside from fixing my iPod.

So I took the road, walking, while neglecting the burning sun’s heat on my skin. I reached Libertad in Pasay City and looked for fresh fruits. Upon going home, I discovered these unusual scenarios – but maybe usual for the folks living near or constantly passing the area. On the center island below the LRT railway along Taft Avenue, I saw faces of men in struggle.

These KMU posters are often seen in Taft Avenue, representing the blue collar workforce and the general public. But does the message conveyed to the personalities pointed? Or was it posted to awaken the our revolutionary nature to increase their numbers?

KMU Poster 2011
KMU Poster 2011

Can you figure out what this man is thinking? Did he think for what the sleeping old man was dreaming? Or did he think the same thing with what the sleeping old man dreamed.

Sleeping Man in Taft Avenue
Man resting in the center island below the LRT rail
Lonely Man in Taft Avenue
Can you guess what was on his mind?
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Drinking Child in Taft Avenue
This child would like to invite me if he only had more.

And what do you think this couple would like to have when they wake up?

Sleeping Couple along Taft Avenue
Sleeping Couple along Taft Avenue

The faces of Taft Avenue were not exclusive to Taft Avenue but these were seen to most of our roads too. Is there something we could do? How long could they endure this?

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