Gin Ichimaru and Severus Snape’s Character Similarity

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Gin Ichimaru is one of my top lister favorite anime character from the series/manga written by Tite Kubo, Bleach. He is the captain of the 3rd Division in the Gotei 13 until he betrays Soul Society, and became a commander of Sōsuke Aizen’s arrancar army. That’s all we know before the final chapters of Arrancar saga. Later we realized that he is a man whose real intent is hidden behind his smiles and in his rarely opened eyes.

Professor Severus Snape, on the other hand, is a potion master of Hogwarts, the famous school of sorcery and witchcraft in the Harry Potter series. Envious eyes, mysterious character and unknown loyalty gave us clue that he is a damn, Harry’s foe. And we’d been tricked most especially when he killed Albus Dumbledore. But later, we knew that he is Harry’s protector.

So what are the common things between these two characters…

  1. They both nested on their enemy’s hands. Gin studied on how to defeat Aizen while Severus wanted to gain the trust of Voldemort to execute his and Dumbledore’s plan.
  2.  They both appear betraying or should I say they betray their friends for the sake of gaining their enemies’ trust.
  3. They Both failed and died.

One good thing that happen was that they’d revealed the true intents of their past actions and in some ways, the person they protect knows about it. They may have failed and they may have not gained the fruit of their sacrifices, still, they are the story’s heroes.

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