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Discounted Taiwan Attraction Passes, tours, and experience

Taiwan is one of Asia’s cultural centerpiece. With strong Chinese heritage and some Japanese influence, the country is quite diverse when it comes to traditions, practices, and delicacies. However, there’s more to Taiwan apart from the cultural immersion. Rock formations, watersheds, natural parks, technological wonders, and other advancements are other things you can expect. Like many advanced economies, Taiwan is not that affordable. So when you are planning to visit Read more

Taipei 101 from below

We scaled the view deck at the top floor of Taipei 101, anticipating that it would be much better up there. We were never wrong. It felt so good. We can see how the world progressed thus far. The horizon was pretty amazing. But it was sad. We had no idea what was happening below. The flickering street lights stir much of our curiosity. The emotion is quite familiar, which Read more

It was the rain pelting the glass window that disturbed my sweet dream. With a peek, I could see the blurry apparitions of few individuals taking shelter under the well-illuminated sidewalk. I did not bother checking the time. I set an alarm at four thirty, so I returned to sleep, with hopes to gain additional strength. Day 3 in Taiwan It was our third day in Taipei. Since we only Read more

KKday Philippines X Freedom Wall

KKday is one of most reliable online merchants that offer affordable or discounted experience tours, attraction passes, transportations tickets, and other essential utilities for travelers. It partners with the trusted local providers to give every customer an authentic local experience. KKday also offers hotel and flight bookings in select locations. We Trusted KKday to one of our Travels When we visited Taiwan recently, KKday was the only experience provider we Read more