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Unboxing Ipaky YJ-10 Portable Charger: Keep Powered on the Go!

Unboxing Ipaky YJ-10 Portable Charger: Keep Powered on the Go!

I finally got my Ipaky YJ-10 portable charger which I bought from Metrodeal for only PhP1199.00. The package comes with a 5600 mAh power bank with LED indicators and LED torch, one USB charging cable, and connectors for iOS devices; Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, and Nokia phones; music players; PSP; cameras; and other digital devices that utilize micro and mini USB connectors.

The 5600 mAh capacity can fully charge my Galaxy SIII mini 3 times. It is also equivalent to charging of iPod touch five times, or Samsung Galaxy SIII two times, or iPhone 5 four times. So bad that there is only one charging cable available that is why you can not charge simultaneously. The same charging cable will be used in charging the power bank itself.

unboxing ipaky portable charger

Ipaky YJ-10 portable charger package

Ipaky is a revolutionary power companion for your devices. It’s portable and lightweight which you can carry on your remote trips like camping, hiking, and other activities where you have no access to electricity.

ipaky portable charger or power bank

Test charging my Ipod Touch, HTC Explorer, and Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini

Please note that for Nokia phones, it is not advisable to use cables other than the one provided in the package.


  • Model: YJ-10
  • Input: 5V DC, 1A (USB plug is provided to charge power bank)
  • Output: 5V DC, 1A
  • Socket/Ports: USB for power OUT, Micro USB for power IN
  • Circuit: Intelligent single chip power management program
  • Protection: for short circuit/discharge/overcharge
  • Connectors: DC3.5 Switch, Micro USB, Mini USB, Nokia Thin Connector, and Connector for Samsung and iOS devices
  • Others: very low comsumption LED pin light

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  • me

    IPaky manufactures cheap products that can not be trusted. I asked for a refund and the laughed at me

  • Iya

    Hi, quick question, how do you know its charging? Need i do anything else, than plug it? Tnx..

    • iAn

      it has 4 LED indicators which shows its power level.

      • Iya

        Yeah i got that, but after i got mine, i used it and drained it, So i pluged it in and and left it overnight to charge, but it didn’t charged. Thats why im asking if i need to do anything other than plug it in?

        • iAn

          Hmmm, you just need to plug it correctly [the male USB to the adaptor/plug and the microUSB to the power bank].

          The LED indicators should automatically turn on when you plug your power bank to a power source.

  • Aliza

    How many hours charging time for the portable charger? Thank you.

    • iAn

      hmmm., that i forgot to mention…in my experience, it’s 8-9hrs…you can leave it overnight..

      • jeric

        Hi there, we’re planning to get this item via metrodeal as well. Is yours still working? reply will be much appreciated.


        • iAn

          Hi Jeric,

          So far, mine is still working. I rarely use it (only when i travel) so I have no idea how will it perform when used often.

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