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Huawei behind portrait photography workshop

How do you take photos? With the general availability of handy cameras, most of us point our lenses to something, and then, with a click, we capture that something so easily. We then post the photo on our preferred social media timelines and allow reactions to accrue. For enthusiasts, photography is a way more than that. Though it is still a mix of three primary elements—idea, recording device, and light—the Read more

cebu blogging summit

You are probably aiming to get noticed in the online world or to stand out as a blogger. However, you have no idea how to start. Or, you may have started already but has not made any significant milestone yet. You may ask yourself; what have you done wrong. This year, some of the industry’s expert will go on stage to share the best practices to every aspiring online influencer via the Read more

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The country’s leading telecommunications company, Smart Communications, recently rolls out its unbeatable plan ever. Smart lists the most advanced smartphones in the market today to its competitive mobile offerings. The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus is bundled with super-sized data and other awesome perks. This offer is part of Smart’s campaign to give Filipino mobile users a Smart Life experience. Smart’s Unparalleled iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Plans What Read more


To some people, traveling outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean disconnecting completely from technology. After all, with today’s technological advancements, smartphones actually make outdoor traveling safer, and a little bit more organized. If you’re a smartphone user and want to enhance your overall traveling experience by using some apps, here are some recommended items for you. Knot Guide Knots are very important not only when camping but also when doing everyday things. Read more

There are lot of smartphones competing in the market. For the first quarter of 2013 alone, five major flagship phones were released. Blackberry made a big return with its Z10. Sony trailed closely with the dust- and waterproof Xperia Z. LG stayed on the competition bearing the Optimus G flag.  The Taiwanese manufacturer recently surprised the gadget enthusiasts with HTC One ultrapixel. Samsung, on the other hand, wowed the world Read more

From social networking to an e-commerce website, Multiply finally decided to shutdown its operations for good despite the efforts to remodel its core application. It was last year when Multiply decided to reinvent its core business into an online marketplace, however, this wasn’t enough to keep it online. On Friday afternoon, April 26, Multiply officially announced its business shutdown. The statement on their main page reads: We regret to announce Read more