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Life has been so bitter lately. Tests, challenges, and trials have always been bombarding me since I gained my reasons. I stumbled millions of times and fumbled a number of opportunities. There came instances that I brooded; “Am I really a magnet of bad luck?”. There were moments that I thought of giving up, I thought of resting for eternity. Then the time has passed and I am still here Read more

Ms S, a mother, often made a squabble with his elder teenage sons. Reasons include; scolding them when they came home late or not allowing them to attend friendly gatherings of their age and for not giving them the liberty to decide on their own. One day, the youngest followed the same footsteps of his elder brothers. The feared word war between Ms S and her youngest has broken their Read more

We are humans. As humans, we feel. When we are happy, we smile, we laugh. When we are sad, we cry. When we hurt, we bleed. And when I bleed, I put a band aid on wherever the wound is. I don’t like seeing the wound, I don’t like seeing the blood. I don’t want to see a reminder of the hurt.

Follow your pain is the contrast of the famous line follow your bliss. Most of our pains in life ought to tell us something or rather to teach us something. But sometimes, we tend to miss the lessons because pain as path to follow is never ideal. We even tend to do away from it as much as possible. Lyndi Cylet RamosFavorite Quote: ” Don’t let wounds make you become Read more

Feeling too much sometimes make us afraid of what may come next. To feel too much especially for someone makes us vulnerable since it threatens our own protective instinct for our own existence. It makes us aware that one strange person in this entire world manage to matter in our life. Lyndi Cylet RamosFavorite Quote: ” Don’t let wounds make you become someone – you’re not.” “We live by faith Read more

Watching the trailer excites me. I know in the first place that these machines will really make out big once it starts rolling. I was so lucky to be one of those early birds to watch the movie in advance. Near midnight of June 28 (GMT+8:00) when I took my first glimpse of Micheal Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D, in which I guess add up to my Read more

Just done watching the screening of DC’s latest offerring at the CS in MOA alone. I love this quote so I wont let this pass even though I already posted this on FB. Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) was chosen by the ring to be part of the the Green Lantern Corps, making him the only human in the row. However he is reluctant to take the responsibility because he is Read more