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To some people, traveling outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean disconnecting completely from technology. After all, with today’s technological advancements, smartphones actually make outdoor traveling safer, and a little bit more organized. If you’re a smartphone user and want to enhance your overall traveling experience by using some apps, here are some recommended items for you. Knot Guide Knots are very important not only when camping but also when doing everyday things. Read more


WeChat is a complete cross-platform mobile communications app. It is complete because aside from its messaging and voice and video calling capabilities, it is enhanced with value-added features like Moments, Look Around, Shake, Broadcast Message, and Drift Bottle. And another good thing about WeChat, which reached 300 million+ downloads, is that it’s free and ad-free.

Previously, you have the iTunes app pre-installed in your Mac or iOS device (iPod, iPhone, iPad) but you do not have the access to its premium contents. I mean, you are willing to pay but Apple is not willing to sell these contents to users that reside in the Philippines along with other Asian countries. Thus, iTunes media store is not made available to these locations.