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You have your own website but still would like to use Blogger for publishing your blog or, you just don’t want to point your domain to Blogger as your primary host but would still like to use Blogger, then this post is for you. Blogger will assign you a conventional URL, yourblogname.blogspot.com, but you can customize it with your chosen subdomain, for instance, yourblog.yourdomain.com.

FeedBurner is one of the best way to make your readers return to your blog. This is a service that notifies your readers (once they subscribed) about your new blog entries. This is fast, easy to use and of course free. One way to publicize your feeds using in FeedBurner is to use subscription form however the html code of this form that they provide is too simple and style-free.


When you want to start a blog, you will first think of your blog niche or topics you would like to write about such as personal, opinions or commentaries, tech news and reviews, or travel. You can also choose to have a multi-niche blog where you can publish articles of multiple genres. But take note that your blog’s success will depend on the quality of your contents, on how often Read more


There is this exciting Facebook app that post your blog updates automatically to your Facebook wall, the NetworkedBlogs ( you can see the sample below). I had joined NetworkedBlogsfor I guess two years now but I do not write something about it because it announces that due to some changes in Facebook, it may stop updating your wall. Good thing that the app is still working now.

Google is the most powerful search engine today. It is where most internet savvies around the world type and click and is ranked no. 1 by Alexa web ranking. If you have a blog and wanted to create significant visitors to your blog, you must allow Google to crawl and index your blog posts and articles and be searchable. To be able to do this, try using Google Webmaster, a Read more

DNS Record

Have you purchased from Google a custom domain for your blogger but a “Google Error 404: The Requested URL / was not found on this server” appears when opening your domain in your browser? At first, I cannot believed when it happened to me. I was able to use my custom domain before, so I was shocked when one time, such error occurred. I tried my best to trouble shoot Read more