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WebHostingWorld.net Review and My Disappointments

WebHostingWorld.net Review and My Disappointments

The review I have in the following paragraphs are based solely on the hosting services I availed at WebHostingWorld.net (WHW) and the experiences I had with their support team. This blog was peacefully online and functioning with 100% uptime at Freehostia before I transferred to WebhostingWord.net. Since Freehostia does not support SMTP, I looked for a cheap hosting provider that supports the service. Then I stumbled at WebhostingWorld.net website.

February 14, 2012 when I joined WebhostingWorld.net. I availed their Bronze Plan, which cost a dollar for a month of hosting service. I purchased the one year plan because it is a convenient payment scheme for me.

WebHostingWorld.net invoice

WebHostingWorld.net invoice

I had no idea on how to transfer my database and files so I asked their assistance. However, it turned out that they cannot access my account even though they already had my Freehostia’s cpanel login details. So I asked Freehostia (through forums) on how to do the backup. They (WHW) successfully transferred my files later but, incomplete. I told myself it was fine – they may not be used of using other webhosting providers’ cpanel.

I also asked the support team to upload my database, which I attached through email (compressed version). But to told me to attached the file with the .sql extension. That time, I started to doubt. How could these support people do not know how to unpack compressed files. Well, I ended up fixing my own site.

Everything was functioning well since the move, even though they transferred my files incompletely at first.

Few days later, my website kept showing a 403 Forbidden Error. I contacted the support for the second time and they said it was caused by an excessive CPU usage. I wasn’t informed that I am only allowed to consume up to 30% of Server CPU (or I may had missed reading it on the features). But what the heck was causing such CPU surge? I contacted the live chat support and they informed me that it may be caused by some plugins I installed in my WordPress blog. So I disabled all the plugins.

Here came another day and I got the same error again. I contacted the support for the third time and they told me that they disabled my account for the same reason. They also told me that they can no longer host my site and so I have to update to their VPS Hosting which is a lot more expensive. So I decided to move away.

It was March 9, 2012 when I informed the support about me leaving their hosting platform because of getting frequent 403 Forbidden error. They replied saying that my site was functioning well. I told them that it was no longer hosted on their servers. I also told them that they are not good on checking the history of their customer complaints that is why they were often lost. They had no reaction on that. At such point, I was still subject of the 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Lately, when I followed up my request, they said, my account is out of Money Back Guarantee. This is their modus!

I filed a dispute with PayPal regarding the issue and I am still waiting for the resolution.

My general assessment:

  • WHW’s 30-Money Back Guarantee is not true.
  • The support team has no initiative in backtracking the history of complaints
  • They don’t have the technology for this kind of business
  • The cheap hosting is just a front. When you’re hooked, they’ll ask you to upgrade to a very expensive plan.

This document shows one of the conversations I had with their support team.

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  • James

    I was with WHW, seemed to be good, but I had to move as they ruined my business. Who ever is happy it will be until you’ll go through a glitch (even if caused by them). If they commit an issue, they won’t fix it and won’t care, customer service is the worse, the web hosting does not have any security, web sites get defaced (check other forums, a lot of people had that including me) and even when you pay in time the domain registration, they to not process it or renew they get the domain in a block state and ask you extra money to reactivate it (something like $75). Until it works it workss, but if something comes up, good luck!

  • I just moved my site from in motion to Webhostingworld.net for a couple of reasons. Webhostingworld.net price is great. They have unlimited space, traffic and domain. They also have exceptional customer service. I had no problems getting everything set up. I am very impressed by Webhostingworld.net.

  • A top quality service with real value for money. I have with them for last 6 monhs. Must say I have never experience such top class service anywhere. Be it joomla, wordpress or ecommerce sites all are managed with equal perfection.

    I recommend this service to all my associates.

  • One of the best features of their hosting is their quick and humble customer support. Servers are good, sometimes loaded but that for a while. anyone looking for hosting just give try to Webhostingworld.net.
    I would really like to advertise for them.

  • I am using Webhostingworld.net shared hosting for more than 3 years and I am myself surprised that my sites were never down even for a minute. I was apprehensive about their service as they don’t have any offices in India but after using them I can recommend Webhostingworld.net to anybody who is looking for a reliable hosting partner.

    With the 99% uptime they also offer the cheapest of the prices. I don’t know of any hosting company which offers this price with such a high availability. The prices and plans are absolutely fabulous.

  • Usually I do not give feedback on services because usually everything is average. In this case I can not express how impressed I am with Webhostingworld.net Hosting. My site is extremely fast and responsive, even more than I imagined. Support the past few days has been nothing less than spectacular, and yesterday after I got off the phone with a representative all I have to say, besides his help and politeness, is that his handling of a small mysql issue that had my subdomain not working was resolved extremely fast and very efficiently, enough to make me go WOW!!! Just want to say thank you to the staff and to Webhostingworld.net Hosting, it is not often that you see a company that simply knows what it’s doing yet at the same time actually care about its customers.

    • iAn

      Well, all I can do is to wish you good luck for now. Hope all will be fine as your site becomes more popular and bigger.

  • harry

    this is a biggest disappointment in hosting industry, we have 3 domains all failed to renew although we have paid 3 years for all up front… after more than 2 months we managed to get back our domain through another registrar. this happened exactly to my friend, who i have recommended WHW. PLEASE don’t ever consider WHW, they sucks big time !!!

  • CBR

    Total and complete scammers. Deleted the data accidentally and would not put it back again, saying backups had been “lost” NEVER REFUNDED MONEY. TOTAL SCAMSTERS – AVOID WEBHOSTINGWORLD.NET – This is a fraudulent website with among the lowest service standards and the rudest customer service staff on the Internet. A big THUMBS DOWN for these scammers! Don’t waste your time and don;t throw away your money.

    • James

      I agree with you, no money back, no refunds, scammers

  • Everything is working will and I’m able to work on the mass emailing without disconnection really really thank you so much for your help and all the staff at Webhostingworld.net! The best service I ever got and fast really reliable.. I will still test send for a few day if no problem I’m able to start selling the dedicated server to my client already.. Thank You so much!

  • Webhostingworld.net have been excellent. We’ve had no problems and the reliability is simply the best out there. We used to be with two other hosts but the reliability became a real problem with frequent “maintenance updates”, so that’s when we decided to try Webhostingworld.net. Smooth sailing since we made the jump.

  • John Berringer

    WebHostingWorld.net does not to honor their 30-day-money-back-guarantee. I canceled my hosting account with WebHostingWorld.net within 2 days of opening it and requested a refund. They refused to give me a refund. They even went as far fighting me with the credit card company, falsely claiming that I never canceled. WebHostingWorld.net is a dishonest and despicable company. Who knows what other dishonesty awaits their customers down the road. Better stay away from them and avoid problems.

  • Geza

    I was also scammed by WebHostingWorld.net. They service sucks. I wanted to ask for a refund, since I was eligible for a refund, I ordered only hosting and I was still inside the 30-day window.

    They simply deleted my support ticket. Then I opened a Paypal dispute. Paypal decided in my favor, I was able to get back my money from Paypal.

    Avoid this scam company at all cost! Even free web hosts are much better than this piece of shit. If you order hosting from them, you won’t get anything useable and their money back guarantee is a lie! They will never refund your money, only a Paypal dispute will resolve your problem.

    • iAn

      Good to hear you got refund Geza. Unfortunately, Paypal decide to be on Webhosting.net’s favor since I filed a dispute after my 30-day trial lapsed. But I apply a direct refund ticket after 5 days from registration.

  • Over the past few years we have tried out many hosting companies. Last year we decided to sign up with Webhostingworld hosting, because we needed a new hosting account and wanted to try out something new. It was a good choice. We never had any problem with them, I have contacted the technical support only once with a minor issue. The price is less comparing to other hosting that offers the same features. Server speed is great, and the
    uptime is well. In these 8 months of hosting I never saw my sites down. Hope this will stay for long. 🙂 I highly recommend using their service.

  • Rajesh

    WebHostingWorld.net is definitely a scam company. I lost my business due to their mistake. I worked hard to get good ranking (for competitive keywords) for my site in 2 years and suddenly my website domain expired. I contacted their support many a times but they did not renew my domain and every time they replied that my domain will renewed soon. My site is down from 2 months and they are also not helping me to transfer to another registrar. Can somebody please help me suggest what I can do in this situation?

    • iAn

      That is depressing Rajesh. You definitely need to move out. If your domain has expired to to re-register it using trusted registrars like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc. Don’t forget to download all your files in their hosting server if your using their hosting services.

      • Rajesh

        I am currently waiting for domain to be available for registration since I am unable to transfer it. Surely, I will select a good registrar next time but I am afraid that I suffered from a big loss due to this registrar’s mistake and need to take more hard work to recover from penalty.

  • reraise

    Solid service with an environmental conscience

    Webhostingworld.net support is what we appreciate the most. If anything is not working as we expect, a quick mail to support and we can pretty much rely on a reply within an  30 min or a hour, there’s never been a need to call them. Great value and support!!!

  • Fe

    I agree with you, Ian!  I am also a victim of this  modus.  Here is my follow-up ticket:

    View Ticket #802200


    May I follow-up on my money-back? This is my THIRD time to follow it up
    and I haven’t received any response from you yet. I talked with your
    customer service representative and they said that they have forwarded
    my concern to the billing department. They assured me that you would
    update my account within 24 hours, but until now, I haven’t received my
    money yet. When would I receive my money? It has been my concern for
    more than TWO weeks now.

    I’m expecting for an immediate action of my case.

    Thank you.

    I received numerous promises from them.  But I have not received my money back.

    • iAn

      I am afraid you’ll end up the same fate as mine, Fe

  • Vignozzi

    I had server error problem, and asked for help,I thought maybe would wait few hours or even longer. but they fixed it within 5 minutes,wow, that is really quick!!

  • Noonan_h

    Amazing customer service, amazing!

    I was considering webhostingworld but wanted to see what their customer service was like. I chatted and was able to speak to someone instantly. Even though I wasn’t a paying customer yet they walked me through and assured me that I could restore my cpanel backup from my previous host. Once I signed up and paid for the service they were very fast at restoring my backup and helping me with all of my issues. Even once I had a dumb mistake (I left one letter out of my ftp login information) and they were very kind about it. I was so blown away by their service I emailed their service manager to tell them how happy I was with my customer service rep. I’m a very happy customer now and even though I’m not paying a lot a month ($1/month) they treat me like a very important client.

  • Julio

    am not usually technically confused, but when it came to getting my website set
    up – wow was I lost! Every time I contacted the support team they were happy to
    help, and got me on my way to the great website I have now!

  • I went through few popular hosting services before, and even if sometimes it’s hard to define what the benefits really are being with one or another, there is one aspect for sure about Webhostingworld hosting service that really rocks : the support system. Not only you get a commercial offer which is definitely on tops, but also a fast, well organized and reliable customer support that makes a huge difference. After all that’s the main plus we customers need to know that we can count on. Submit your ticket and you’ll know for sure someone you can trust is going to take care of your problem quickly and efficiently. Good on you Webhostingworld, keep up with the good work.

    • iAn

      Their live support was one of the reasons why I joined WHW. Unfortunately, after sales services and the hosting services itself is disappointing.