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Consolidated Payment Services: Legit or Scam

Consolidated Payment Services: Legit or Scam

May 10 of 2011 when I received a snail mail with a letter dated April 21, 2011. At the very first, I was cynical seeing the letter envelop because I hadn’t made any transaction or contact with Consolidated Payment Services (sender). The sender address was Singapore Post Center, PO Box 558, Singapore 914019. But I admit that seeing the letter header enthused me, when it stated it was an awards certification but the question behind my mind is, “for what?”.

The letter started with a congratulatory greeting. Further reading disclosed that I was a winner of a guaranteed US$20,000.00 from online tiebreakers and game lottery and that excited me. But such excitement was short-lived when I read more. As per the letter, I should send them US$10.00 as a claim fee for me to get the full award credit.

Also attached were reply envelope (addressed to The Netherlands) and award claim form wherein I was given options to either pay the claim fee through credit card, cash, or check/money order.

consolidated payment services letter envelope

Consolidated Payment Services (CPS) letter envelope

For a situation like this, my reflex is to do a research. I found several people asking if this mail is legit or scam but none of us can prove it. We cannot find any company website too and so I decided to put this on hold since I still have until December of 2012 to find this out.

If you received the same, please comment below with your thoughts. Have you sent the claim fee and got a response?

You can see the full letter in the link below…

[gview file=”http://www.freedomwall.net/files/2012/03/consolidated_payment_system_snail_mail_letter.pdf” width=”100%” save=”1″]


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  • Ron

    I receive also the same above snailmail,what to do with this received snailmail from CPS Payments???

    • iAn

      Ron, it’s better to ignore it.

  • Ron

    I receive the same above scam on 29-9-2013 and a lot of more in the past.
    What to do with this personly scam mailings????

    • iAn

      You can ignore it for now.

  • kevin strickland

    HI I WAS SENT A 20,000 DOLLAR LETTER FROM YOUR c p s office said i won the amount and i filled out an easy tiebreaker skilled tested question 10+10 = 20 and i payed 10 dollars cash on cad$ i won an award like it told me i have payed several times throughout the year i really need a winner check in the mail i live at 747 paisley road west my postal code is n1k 0a2 and my phone number is (519) 763-0178 and thankyou for the time

  • Chianticlassico5521

    I received the same snail mail.  My was dated May 11th 2012.  This is surely a scam. 
    The address on the original envelope and the address on the return envelope do NOT correspond with the other.  Not even the country is the same.
    This is also signed and initialed by Robert Allen.  Both have obviously been xeroxed(spelling).
    I’d love to win $20,000 but that’s not going to happen through CPA.

    • iAn

      I am now certain its a scam..

  • Hassanx2001

    Suppose that this is an award … Why has not officially revealed in optical media ?
    like any other famous award…they dont even have there  official website
           just open your eyes on the word (( this is contest of skills not lottery game of chances or gambling))

    imean get over it !!