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May 10 of 2011 when I received a snail mail with a letter dated April 21, 2011. At the very first, I was cynical seeing the letter envelop because I hadn’t made any transaction or contact with Consolidated Payment Services (sender). The sender address was Singapore Post Center, PO Box 558, Singapore 914019. But I admit that seeing the letter header enthused me, when it stated it was an awards certification but the question behind my mind is, “for what?”.

The letter started with a congratulatory greeting. Further reading disclosed that I was a winner of a guaranteed US$20,000.00 from online tiebreakers and game lottery and that excited me. But such excitement was short-lived when I read more. As per the letter, I should send them US$10.00 as a claim fee for me to get the full award credit.

Also attached were reply envelope (addressed to The Netherlands) and award claim form wherein I was given options to either pay the claim fee through credit card, cash, or check/money order.

consolidated payment services letter envelope
Consolidated Payment Services (CPS) letter envelope

For a situation like this, my reflex is to do a research. I found several people asking if this mail is legit or scam but none of us can prove it. We cannot find any company website too and so I decided to put this on hold since I still have until December of 2012 to find this out.

If you received the same, please comment below with your thoughts. Have you sent the claim fee and got a response?

You can see the full letter in the link below…

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