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My iPod Touch is not Booting: I found a Solution

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Grrr! It was really a bad Maundy Thursday. Aside from a very silent neighborhood, my iTouch, my last resort to ease the boredom, does not boot. It’s been hours that I only see this apple logo in the device, and damn, it stayed in the booting mode till the other day. Sad is, warranty is void because I jailbroke the device (this is not a good thing for jailbreaking). So I tried to restore it, the problem is, I used iTunes from internet cafe’s. My idevice is passcode protected and will require a passcode every time I connect to iTunes.

Ipod Touch 4G

Here’s what happen…Morning of Thursday when I checked in to an internet cafe closer to our house to update my blog, however I do not know what to right…I am not composed at that time. I checked the latest manga release of Bleach, my favorite and the only manga/anime I follow, and jackpot, Ichigo has finally mastered his fullbring. There is also a new filler to keep an eye with in the anime.

It was still early when finished my internet task so decided to stay and look for the coolest iPod apps, and whoo, good to find out that iWiFihack is already available in cydia through a newly created repository. So checked out from the cafe and look for a WiFi hotspot to download the app. The app that will help me connect to the neighborhood WiFi without knowing their passwords.

Upon adding the repository site, cydia requires me to update my package and so I did. But the internet was temporarily interrupted and it failed. I thought there was no problem with that so I continue to download iWiFihack through the newest repository I added and it was successful.

When I open my Setting, it doesn’t load, I tried for the second time and the third time and still nothing showed up so I decided to reboot by pressing the sleep and the home key simultaneously. And here comes the problem, it did not open. I only see this apple logo on the black screen. I left it overnight hoping that on the other it will open. Sad is, it didn’t

I look for possible solutions in the internet and I found an answer. This is to restore the device. Now I didn’t care of losing all my music and video files, all I want is to have my iTouch working.

Here’s what I did…

1. I installed the latest iTunes.

2. I keep my iTouch in DFU (black screen without logo seen) mode by pressing the sleep key and home key together for at least 10 seconds.

3. I release the sleep key and connect the device to the computer while holding the home key.

4. A window asking you to restore the device will pop up. In my case, I also accepted sofware update (the latest iOS 4.3.2) was installed and booom! Its god’em working now!

After that very bad experience of a jailbroken iPod, I still jailbroke my new iOS 4.3.2 with snowbreeze.


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