Cau Rong or the Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam
Cau Rong or the Dragon Bridge, Da Nang, Vietnam

Fun Things to Do in Da Nang

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If you are looking for fun places to visit in Vietnam, you should check out Da Nang. This city is currently one of the most attractive destinations in the world with more and more tourists making trips to this region every year to see the beautiful scenery, nature, and friendly people. It is also loved for the amazing culture and landscapes, and regardless of the length of your getaway, you can never exhaust the fun things to do. 

Even better, the transport system favors you, and you can quickly board a train from Hanoi to Da Nang, which is super affordable and fast.

Dragon bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam
Dragon bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam

Your trip to Da Nang should be the perfect time for you to unwind and get away from all the problems and pressure that you could be facing in your work, family, or studies. Let’s have a look at the top places to visit and things to do in Da Nang.

Explore Hoi An

This port, which has been in existence since the 15th century, has been an important trade port since Vietnam’s colonial period. This is where you get a mix of the French and Asian culture. The place has transformed it into a heritage site. 

Da Nang is also the home to most Buddhist pagodas in Vietnam. Do not leave Vietnam before learning the history, culture, and heritage of Da Nang and Vietnam in general.

Discover the Lang Co beach

This beach, which is also known as the central coast of Vietnam, should not be missed out on your list. The beach is located on your way from Da Nang to Hoi An. It is a perfect place to spend with your family as you bask under the sun and enjoy the cool breeze. You may choose to swim, surf, or take a refreshing walk along the white sand. You will also enjoy the pagodas and war memorials surrounding the beaches.

View the dragon bridge

The Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is ranked as the longest in Vietnam and has also been a fantastic tourist attraction for the longest time. You will love the dazzling light, water, and fire display. You should not miss that out before leaving this city. The bridge is about 666 meters and is crafted in the shape of a dragon.

Explore the Marble Mountains

You cannot leave the city without exploring the five-element mountains situated in the southern part of Da Nang. The five mountain elements of Ngu Hanh Son includes Moc (wood mountain), Thuy (water mountain), Hoa (fire mountain), Kim (metal mountain), and Tho (earth mountain). The mountains are merely 9 kilometers away from the city center, in a village called Hoa Khue in Hoa Vang district. You will definitely enjoy the feel of the fresh air, the beautiful scenery, and even take some beautiful photos.

The Cham museum

The museum is home to a range of sculptures from the old Kingdom of Champa, and it is located just a short distance from the port of Hoi An. This museum should not be missed on your list, especially if you are a lover of history, culture, and heritage.

The list of things to do in Da Nang is endless, and these are just a few of what you are most likely to love. It is a perfect place to go with friends and family and have the most life-changing experiences.

Danang is probably one of the best tourist secrets things to do in Asia.

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