PayPal Here™ is the Future of Mobile Credit Card Payments

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The biggest name on online payments, PayPal, is introducing a new way to accept payments via smartphones like iPhone or Android devices anytime and anywhere. PayPal Here™ is a mobile payment solution that allows you to easily and securely accept credit card (such as Visa and MasterCard) and PayPal payments.

PayPal Here includes a free app, which is already available in the App Store and later on Android Market (now Play Store), and a credit card reader or dongle, which you can get for free when you register before September 1, 2012. This will automatically linked to your existing PayPal account; however, you have to have a Premier or Business account. Also, your customers need not to open their own PayPal account to pay you using their credit cards.

Currently, PayPal Here is available to some set of merchants only but will be widely available in April to US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia. Unfortunately, this is still unavailable in the Philippines and no announcement has been made as to when will this be launched to other countries aside from the previously mentioned.

The same technology was used by Square Inc., which was long been offering mobile payment services but exclusively in the United States. While PayPal accepts only Visa and MasterCard, Square supports American Express and Discover in addition to Visa and MasterCard.

In PayPal Here’s website, they say that there are lot more functions or features to be announced. Let us wait and see what edge it has against Square.

You can read PayPal Here’s FAQ for know more.


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