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Ian Limpangog at Candi Prambanan

Yogyakarta, a host to temples which beginnings are even earlier than the construction of Khmer Empire’s Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, is a testament to Indonesia’s rich and extensive history. Aside from the temples, travelers could experience the best of Indonesia’s cuisine, night life, and hospitality in Yogyakarta. It is pronounced and commonly spelled as Jogjakarta. Locals simply call it Jogja /JOGH-jah/. Yogyakarta does not limit to being a center of Read more

A screengrab from

Summer is almost here, and soon, kids will be out of school for their vacation. This is the best time to plan fun summer getaways for the whole family. However, since times like these only come once a year, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. When planning for the trip, it would be a good idea to make a list of things you would need for the trip. Read more

gearbest giveaway price

Freedom Wall partners with Gearbest to give out gifts to our lucky readers. We will select 5 lucky readers. One will receive a 35-liter Pentagram outdoor backpack and four readers will get one (1) Suaoki solar panel camping LED lantern each, courtesy of Gearbest. Gearbest is a trusted premier online shopping mall selling outdoor products which you can use in your next getaway. You can find variety of travel and Read more


To some people, traveling outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean disconnecting completely from technology. After all, with today’s technological advancements, smartphones actually make outdoor traveling safer, and a little bit more organized. If you’re a smartphone user and want to enhance your overall traveling experience by using some apps, here are some recommended items for you. Knot Guide Knots are very important not only when camping but also when doing everyday things. Read more