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Villa Cleofas canoe

Off the coast of Mauban floats a small island, Cagbalete, which looks ordinary at first glance. However, a great scenery resides underneath its waters, which only reveals at low tide. Cagbalete Island is one of the pride of Quezon province. It features wide coastlines and an ecologically diverse habitat. The verdant greens serves as a host to unique bird and plant species. Moreover, the waters surrounding it is a home to abundant marine life. Read more

Miniature of Lucban Church's facade

Quezon Province was my point of interest in the last two months. I spent my pre-birthday beach camp in Padre Burgos with quick visits to some random beauties in the municipality including the neighboring Pagbilao. The week after that, I included Lucban, Quezon in my eastern Laguna road trip. The following weekend, I ventured alone to see the rumored island in the southernmost tip of Bondoc Peninsula, also in Quezon Read more

Cagbalete Jumpshot

I started to feel dizzy and uncomfortable when the bus became shaky all of a sudden. The clock above the driver’s seat ticked to 12 noon. I saw no signs of Lucena yet. Four hours had passed and yet we were still in the middle of a dusty and rocky road. Then I thought, where the hell are we. I immediately grabbed my phone and hoped that we were located Read more