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Things to do in Dumaguete and Valencia

Laid-back vibe, slow-paced lifestyle, and rustic feels albeit the bustling concrete jungle and contiguous crossroads. Dumaguete City keeps its countryside impression despite the urban classification. Not to mention, the city is also a provincial capital. The crowd is concentrated within the downtown, while other areas remain almost still and bare. Staying in Dumaguete gives you extraordinary escape that is away from unending gridlock, pesky stressors, and galling expectations of everyday Read more

Dumaguete is colloquially known as the city of gentle people and is rightly so. It is the image the locals built for years and has been continuously sown even in the present. Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippines’ National Hero, couldn’t be wrong during his first visit in the city. The city is also known as a university town because, despite of its size, it houses four of the countries biggest universities Read more

Buglasan festival is celebrated annually in the province of Negros Oriental every October since 2002. Though this is a province-wide event (sponsored by the provincial government), the activities are mostly centered in the province’ capital, Dumaguete City. Like Aliwan Festival of the cities of Pasay and Manila, Buglasan is dubbed as festival of festivals wherein every constituent towns and cities have their own representative and will be presenting their best.

Negros Oriental’s beauty remained a secret to the rest of the country. While most of us flocked to the most popular yet hackneyed destinations, the province’s frontiers were less occupied. The locals are randomly coming back and forth to those remarkable sceneries, yet they remained unknown outside the province. Only just recently, through the efforts of the provincial government, when the province launched a tourism campaign with a tag, “Negros Oriental: Read more