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Home » Blogs » Stories » Stylish Frames for Women is an online designer frame shop that offers glasses from around the globe. These highly detailed and sophisticated frames make for sunglasses, reading glasses and corrective lenses. Frames for corrective lenses can be purchased separately. This makes it cheaper to go to the eye doctor and purchase lenses affordably.

One of the best pair of Melissa Eyewear sunglasses comes in the form of the MS-51 frame. This light frame was designed in Israel and provides a modern and mysterious look. The frame creates an oval shape but the lens itself is round, resulting in a sophisticated symmetry. The lens is tinted and offers protection from ultra-violet rays. Best of all, this pair of glasses comes in two colors, black or pumpkin. Black is sleek whereas pumpkin is trendy and a bit more flashy. They are plain enough that a woman can wear them to the office or classroom but stand out enough that others will take notice.

Melissa Eyewear

For those with more of a flair for the European look, the MEF-204 is a great cat eye shaped frame straight from France. This frame is feminine and emphasizes the shape of the eye. This design is intended for use with prescription lenses, so it is easy to pop a corrective lens in. Cat eye glasses are sophisticated and fashionable. They are just different enough to look trendy without going over the top. The frames are not entirely opaque and the colors, honey and tortoise, are suitable for home, school and office use.

Click here to read more about frames, sun glasses and reading glasses as well as the benefits of owning certain brands, shapes and styles. Melissa Eyewear offers affordable options in contrast to the expensive frames found in eyeglass shops that might set you over the edge. Simplicity and low price do not mean you have to substitute a fair price for style. Many of these styles are European and trendy no matter where they are worn. Find a style that appeal to you, one that you love. Ordering your glasses frames has never been easier. Frames can be delivered right to your door.

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