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The vast majority of us have enjoyed a holiday somewhere hot. We love the warmth of the sun and cool of the breeze. We all seem to be solar powered when we are on holiday. Soaking up the rays gently during the day seems to provide the energy to keep dancing all night until the sun starts to come up again. Getting extra hours of sunshine each day seems to relax us and free our mind of the dull and drudge of life back home.

While we may enjoy a break overseas in the summer, few of us take a holiday in the winter months. In the UK, fewer than 1% of the population have participated in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. We all agree that having at least two holidays a year keeps us healthy mentally, emotionally and physically, but money can be hard to find for these ‘luxuries’. When faced with a choice, we choose sun in the summer. However, we may be missing out on more than we imagined.

The countries with the most ski resorts are France, Austria and Switzerland. Over the pond, Canada has Banff and Whistler, while America’s infamous Aspen resort is a favorite for celebrities and the rich. Skiing and snowboarding are both very physical sports so if you are keen for a more adventurous holiday, a ski resort could be just what you are looking for. Newbies to this type of winter holiday are afraid the cold will be a culture shock after enjoying years of sunny holidays. While you are surrounded by snow, your ski wear and the activity will keep you warm. If you are not feeling up to the slopes, you can enjoy a hot tub experience or cosy up with a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire.

Some resorts are well-known for mountain biking or golf in addition to winter sports. You can usually expect to have good internet access to keep in touch while you are away. You can choose to go self-catering to keep costs down, or enjoy local restaurants with fine cuisine. Check with the All Chalets website to see what facilities are available at your chosen resort. You can also find out what accommodation may suit you best. One of the most important expenditures is a programme of ski lessons. To ensure your safety, it is best to book lessons so you can be taught how to use your equipment and the slopes safely. They are often great fun, and instructors can usually speak your language fluently.

ski freestyle
Ski freestyle (Photo by: Christian Lendl, on Flickr)

Christian Lendl, on Flickr)While accidents do happen, they are comparatively rare, but you may ache a little when skiing for the first time. Jacuzzis and hot tub facilities are common at ski resorts to help you soak and unwind. You can probably book a massage and enjoy some pamper time while you are there too. Most importantly, ski resorts are situated in some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. Take a day to walk and enjoy what your ski resort has to offer.

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