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An Anniversary Prayer

An Anniversary Prayer

I was given a chance to lead the prayer for our department’s 8th anniversary. This was prepared for almost a year and a half but only recently when I thought of sharing. I had to backtract my email to look for a copy of this prayer and luckily I found one.

Almighty God, Our loving Father,

Thank You for making everybody being able to witness this memorable event of our organization

We thank You for giving us [eight] long years
…united, competitive, and fast growing

We thank You for Your Guidance in times we needed You most

And we thank You for the privilege of making us all part of this momentous day.

As we move forward, bless us Lord with will power and determination, so that we will continue to do business with passion and confidence

Help us to become strong in times of difficulties, wise in times of trials and just in the face of unfair circumstances.
…that we should accept individual differences
…that we should believe in each others’ ability to do ones’ task
…that we should trust the company’s plans for us

Lord, make us dream not only for our personal career gains but also for the strongest, tightly bound, and a much progressive {company name}


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