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Some search engine optimization (SEO) experts advice to link keywords or phrases within your posts to related pages or articles found in your site. For instance, if you write about WordPress tutorials, you can create links that point to your other published articles that talk about tutorials. Linking to your internal pages promotes your other articles to your readers and encourages visits. This will make your patrons aware that you have Read more

Most readers nowadays access the web using their portable devices like smartphones and tablets. As the trend continues to slope up, publishers and bloggers should adapt the mobile age for them to maintain their readership. Visitors tend to keep away from non mobile friendly web pages and look for other sites where they can comfortably browse through the pages.

Uploading WordPress files such as images in subfolders or root directory will increase your site loading performance. Well that is the observation of many web developers. Which is true because browsers need not to dig deep directories such as yourdomain.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads or if you install it in root directory you have yourdomain.com/wp-content/upload as container of your images or files.

FeedBurner is one of the best way to make your readers return to your blog. This is a service that notifies your readers (once they subscribed) about your new blog entries. This is fast, easy to use and of course free. One way to publicize your feeds using in FeedBurner is to use subscription form however the html code of this form that they provide is too simple and style-free.

Photography is one of the new niches that I got interested recently and I would like to share some of my photos using this blog. Unfortunately, my post column width is too small to show large images. The tendency is to re-size the image and fit it into the narrow post column, and link the images to its direct URL which shows its original sizes. By doing this, your blog Read more


When you want to start a blog, you will first think of your blog niche or topics you would like to write about such as personal, opinions or commentaries, tech news and reviews, or travel. You can also choose to have a multi-niche blog where you can publish articles of multiple genres. But take note that your blog’s success will depend on the quality of your contents, on how often Read more

Moving my blog from blogger to wordpress was a piece of cake. I use Blogger’s export option to migrate my blog. I save the XML file and converted it to a WordPress readable XML file using an online app. I then uploaded the converted file to WordPress import page and then everything is working well. I am too lucky that Blogger hosted my images at picasa and so, I do Read more