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Torpedo extreme boat ride in Paranas, Samar

Each boat can carry a maximum of five guests. We carefully sat on our respective slots, with our seats at heel level. A watchman was seated in front; our guide was positioned at the end seat, while the captain stood near the rear bow. Since there are no outriggers, it shook a lot when we started hopping in. However, as it started moving, the boat was steady and smooth. The Read more

The amazing canyons

We’d barely slept the night before. A friend and her daughter missed their flight so they had to re-book an alternative route. Aside from the extra chunk of cash that they needed to shell out for re-booking, the hassle of transferring to another airport and the struggle to get a seat at the busiest time of the busiest day at Cebu South Bus Terminal was a hell of peskiness. I could understand the troubles Read more

Ian Limpangog for Cebu Canyoneering

A sudden stop woke me up. My legs twinged and my elbow pained. I probably pressed them unconsciously against hard surfaces when I was asleep. My neck also hurt a bit. Having it tilted for hours might had strained the tissues. After few stretches and twists, I was back to my inured self. Traveling with Stangers: Not a new thing I peeked outside and immediately recognized that we were close [to Read more

Cagayan de Oro white water rafting

We missed whitewater rafting when we visited Cagayan de Oro (CDO) and Camiguin in 2013. So, when the group returned to Mindanao two years after, we could not afford to skip the activity for the second time. First thing we did when we reached CDO was look for Kagay, the most popular white water rafting organization in CDO, and booked a slot for 5. Despite the sun burn and aching Read more

Our first stop for the day 2 of our Indochina tour was the Grand Palace. To reach the place, we boarded BTS at National Stadium station and got off at Saphan Taksin station. Sathorn Pier was just few steps away from the west exit of Saphan Taksin. We hopped on a boat, and then it turned into an instant cruise in Chao Phraya River.