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Juellen Jey Macapangal in Apo Island

Apo Island, being a marine sanctuary, is a popular dive spot. Perhaps, the island was listed on the 2008 version of Sport Diver Magazine’s top 100 diving spots in the world. Guests spend most of their time exploring the depths of its surrounding waters to meet and greet with its inhabitants. The underwater communities thrive as they are protected by the Philippines laws, and of course, with the help of Read more

Dumaguete is colloquially known as the city of gentle people and is rightly so. It is the image the locals built for years and has been continuously sown even in the present. Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippines’ National Hero, couldn’t be wrong during his first visit in the city. The city is also known as a university town because, despite of its size, it houses four of the countries biggest universities Read more

Corinne Grace "Cookie" Santelices at Talabong Mangrove Forest and Bird Sanctuary, Bais City

Above were grey haze. The horizon was inevident and the people around seemed copying the murky atmosphere. The gloomy surroundings, however, suddenly changed when we arrived in Bais City. We broke the city’s silence. Laughing out loud to the corniest of jokes, that was. Locals were curious, pointing all eyes in slow moving trike we were on. Manjuyod Island Hopping and Dolphin Watching We reached the Capiñahan Wharf past 8AM Read more

Niludhan Falls

We were few meters past Barangay Dawis proper when the conductor gazed at me and asked in the local language; “You’re alighting at Niludhan, right?” – reaffirming that I am not going farther than what I paid for. I shelled out ₱68 as fare from Bayawan City terminal to Sitio Niludhan in Barangay Dawis. After few minutes, the conductor struck the metal railings, signalling the driver to pull over. Then, Read more

A long work week could be toxic. Staying in the office, dealing with all types of pesky and difficult customers is really stressful. The only way to vent out our work frustrations is going out for a quick weekend getaway. Take advantage of the long weekends and flight promos. Make sure you plan your travels ahead and have notified your bosses as early as possible. Below is the list of Read more

Buglasan festival is celebrated annually in the province of Negros Oriental every October since 2002. Though this is a province-wide event (sponsored by the provincial government), the activities are mostly centered in the province’ capital, Dumaguete City. Like Aliwan Festival of the cities of Pasay and Manila, Buglasan is dubbed as festival of festivals wherein every constituent towns and cities have their own representative and will be presenting their best.