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Poolside area

Weekday routines could be grueling. Working with difficult individuals, bumping to some annoying strangers, and getting stuck in an unrelenting gridlock strained me to my limits. That is why, I love weekends. I can go to random getaways around the province to flush out toxic stress. Returning to work refreshed increases both my productivity and tolerance to pressure. But sometimes, travel could be equally stressful, especially when the weather and Read more

Malapascua: raw and stunning

The weather seemed uncooperative. Thick, gray clouds shrouded the horizon. It blocked the sunburst from hitting the surface. Below it was another stratocomulus layer hovering to the northeast—the direction of the southwest monsoon. Beyond it was a draping downpour, a harbinger of a miry adventure. The Visayan sea was rather chaotic that moment. Unpatterned ripples collided with each other—creating riptides—and repeatedly smashed the hull of the outrigger banca. The boat’s troubled buoyancy hardly kept us afloat. I Read more

Escario Central Hotel receiving area

The simple vertical strokes of orange and red makes a fine and stunning contrast with the ivory walls. The tidy-stalked bamboo trees, the small mead that wrapped the lawn, and the classic-looking set blend perfectly to let you experience a zen feel. The Reception There’s nothing flashy in the receiving area. In place of chandelier is a hand-crafted spherical rattan which mesh added an atypical element to the lighting inside it. Two Read more

Turtle Bay Dive Resort Moalboal

I could feel the warmth of the morning sun. Bright rays transcend through the wooden shutter window. It was left open. No one minded to close it though, after watching the fireworks that lit the sky the night before. New Year’s Eve, that was. I was still sleepy at 07AM. However, inasmuch as I wanted to return to sleep—I couldn’t—I remembered I agreed to join a friend for a laid-back sojourn in Moalboal. The Read more

The Harvest Hotel Staircase

When things become really difficult, I kick the normal weekend routine and spend some quality time somewhere else, a place outside the metro but would not deprive me from the basic stuff such as the internet, a good place to eat, and a private place to relax and think over my decisions. The Harvest Hotel in Cabanatuan was one of the places that interest me. It was fairly new at the Read more