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Shutter: The Highway to Angkor Thom

Shutter: The Highway to Angkor Thom
Way to Angkor Thom

Way to Angkor Thom

While on our way to Angkor Thom. The cold breeze, the warm sun kiss, and the picturesque greenery made a perfect blend. I completely forgot how hard life is when we were navigating this highway.


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  • luke valencia

    Good day Ian, I’ve been in bangkok last month and trying to cross to cambodia, but sad to say not happened due to am overwhelmed the place while wandering around, I’ve already booked my next destination for 7days this coming January 2015 in cambodia and cross to vietnam, you mentioned that you got lucky since you change your currency onto khmer reil… u bring usd ba ur php ? some blogs kasi they mentioned they prefer to bring usd instead of php. hoping to hear from you soon…

    Anyway thank you for your blog, very informative.

    • Hi Luke,

      Thanks for dropping.

      USD is widely accepted in Cambodia, especially in Siem Reap. Bring smaller bills though (5 or 1-dollar bills).

      In Vietnam, you need to change it to Dong.