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Anawangin Cove, Zamabales

Seating on the edge of a volcanic mountain range of Zambales, Anawangin seems out of place. The white strip, the verdant pine tree amalgamation, and the clear aquamarine water make the cove superficially foreign to its surroundings. However, Anawangin makes a stunning contrast to the mountain ridges encompassing it. When you are looking for a place to escape from the fast city life and routinary activities, then Anawangin is one of the Read more

Rico’s Fastfood & Restaurant Main Course

It rained the whole day and night and I wasn’t really familiar with the place so I preferred to stay indoors. For the entire weekend, I nestled under the reliable roof and above the comfort of my hotel bed. It was a life that I wasn’t used to. So from time to time, I went out to check the condition outside. And when I noticed that the weather was still not Read more

In Anawangin, when your boatman say it is difficult to cross, make sure that you gather all your guts, and then never forget to put on your life jacket. It was Sunday afternoon and we run out of resources (food and water). Staying a in the cove for another night would mean getting hungry. Hence, we took the risk of crossing the violent sea. The water fronting the cove was calm. Read more