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Amorita Resort Villas

I usually draw my energy from the sun, yes, like the Superman. But unlike your childhood superhero, my skin won’t get as hard as steel. I don’t get an enhanced hearing power, and can’t emit amplified solar energy from my eyes.  I don’t even levitate. The energy that I get from the sun, however, is the feeling of being light and free. It is the feeling that can tolerate almost Read more

Ian Limpangog at Momo Beach House

I never expected to experience utmost seclusion at a white strip of the bustling Panglao Island. Normally, a popular island beachfront comes with a profusion of loud music, conglomeration of business establishments, and herd of tourists in a rather chaotic mix. Momo Beach, though located in Panglao, is a contrary to all that. It offers a tranquil escape tucked away in a remote edge of the island. Reaching Momo Beach Read more

Boat for Island Hopping in Alona Beach, Panglao

I was back after 12 years. The port looked really different and I couldn’t find any familiar edifice. There were no foreign traces nevertheless, still I felt ‘twas my first. Though a ride along the hilly terrain caused me deja vu. It was 2003 when I first stepped Bohol for a Regional Schools’ Press Conference and I didn’t have any follow up visit after that. So after more than a Read more